151. Champion Hill, Duffield Now for something ever so slightly different...located approximately one third of the way down this short cul-de-sac is an ornate cast iron column supporting a traditional four-pane lantern. Nothing different so far; however, this installation was formerly employed as a "Sewer Gas Destructor Lamp". The primary purpose of these was, as their name suggests, to remove the build-up of gases and their associated hazards from sewers. With a flame generated in the lantern by burning town gas, sewer gases were drawn from the sewer below, and discharged above the heads of passers-by, in order to dissipate odours. It is unknown whether the post is still connected to a sewer or not, but the lantern is no longer gas-fired - it has instead been fitted with what appears to be the solar panel and lighting unit from an LED garden light - a novel idea! The installation is also in excellent condition, suggesting that it is maintained by a local individual or organisation.

The solar panel is visible on this side of the lantern.


An inspection cover attached to the column at ground level bears the name of W.E. Farrer, of Birmingham. William Farrer's company specialised in products that allowed the venting of sewers.


Old meets...er...older here as we see the sleeved Stanton 10F column supporting a Thorn Beta 5 35 Watt SOX lantern that is the actual street light for this portion of the road.


Another sewer gas destructor column of the same type as that seen above exists in Duffield, albeit in a rather sorry and unloved state. This can be seen on the main A6 when approaching the village from the south.


What a difference a lick of paint (and a sense of determination) could make to this installation!


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