170. Former Snibston Discovery Museum, off Chiswell Drive, Coalville, Leicestershire Located in the car parking area of this former science-based attraction are four 8 m tubular steel columns; three of which support Thorn Gamma 3 post-top lanterns of unknown lamp type and wattage. The attraction opened in 1992; being constructed on land previously occupied by the Snibston Colliery, which closed in 1983. With the Museum sadly having closed at the end of July 2015 (a decision made by the Local Authority in an effort to reduce costs, prompting considerable outrage from local people, who formed an action group and related website in response - fingers crossed that their efforts are rewarded), the site looks set to be redeveloped for housing (with only the colliery's headstock being retained), meaning that these relatively modern installations (although the Gamma 3 is a 1960s' design; hence, the inclusion of these installations) are likely to disappear in the not-too-distant future. When I last visited the site in July 2009, and went on a tour of the surviving colliery buildings that was led by one of the former workers, I spotted a GEC Z9454 90 Watt SOX lantern, and a GEC 'Clearmain' Z8128 250 Watt mercury lantern. At the time, a number of 1980s' Thorn-branded fluorescent lamps were also still installed (and working) in various fittings in the colliery's main administration building.

Two of the three Gamma 3-topped columns are pictured below. One of the four columns (visible in the background) is fitted with an Abacus AM 490 lantern; a replacement for a Gamma 3 at some point.


The foreground lantern is pictured first. SONPak floodlights have been attached to the columns, in order to provide illumination across the front of the Museum building.


This lantern's base casting has retained more of its matte black paint than the other lantern's has.


The installations again; this time, pictured from the other side of the car park.


One of the stainless steel canopy retention clips is visible.


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