29b. Osborne Road, Penn, Wolverhampton. Along this road are a number of Eleco HW 853s mounted on AC Ford swan neck brackets and control boxes atop Revo columns. It seems odd that control boxes are being used as the columns have their own doors.

Thanks to Claire for telling me about all of the items listed on this page.

The colour of the lantern/bracket blends in well with the sky!

Each cast iron column has the Wolverhampton coat of arms cast into the door, along with a unique identification number being riveted on above.

Foxs Lane. Between the two railway bridges on this road is a track leading to some industrial buildings. One of the lanterns is a very badly deteriorated Thorn Alpha 5. It lies derelict; with no lamp or bowl, and probably has for some time. Notice that this Alpha 5 features bi-pin lampholders at either end; a sign that it would have run a 140 Watt or 200 Watt SLI/H lamp when in use. Alpha 5s feature on the following page too, though these run 135 Watt SOX lamps.

The installation had been removed by September 2011.

Woodfield Avenue. Along this road are a number of different mercury (and one SOX) lanterns mounted on different columns.

First of all, this GEC Z5590 is spied. The bowl is completely yellow, and the two part detector looks to be going a similar colour!

Followed by this Revo Prefect on an octagonal Stanton column.

This Z5590 is on a weirdly sleeved CU column - with a bowl in a similar condition to the first one!

This Revo C12423 has a lot of dirt in the bowl, but light output shouldn't be affected too badly - unless you were standing directly below the lantern!

This Thorn Beta 4 is the only lantern along this road, and the only one that has an AC Ford control box above the spigot. There is also an extension section fitted, as otherwise, the lantern would be very low.

At the end of the road is this 35 Watt SOX Revo Baby Dalek. The dimples around the bowl can be seen clearly.

Cousins St, Blackenhall. On this small side street off the main Dudley Rd are three elderly columns, all made by different manufacturers, but all being fitted with top entry mercury lanterns.

The column at the top of the street looks to be the newest out of the three and is fitted with a Prefect with a lampholder that has dropped, causing the lamp to melt through the bowl.

Next up is this dayburning Z5590 on a Revo column. The lamp is very green, so I'm assuming that it has been dayburning for ages. Although the lantern is in the shade of the factory, the P42 should still be able to switch off.

At the end of the street is this Beta 4 with a taped-on Z5590 bowl. The column is not a Revo, despite being similar in appearance. It is in fact a Lucy and is much narrower than the Revo version. The door is tiny but is secured with what resembles a Revo-type two-pin bolt. I'd imagine that it has probably rusted solid by now!

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