39. Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire (continued).

This is the remotely-geared version of the Phosco P235; however, the lantern was also available with integral gear. A giveaway of the gear being in the base is the P42 two part cell.

Also gone in August 2006!

Just to prove that these roads are still lit by mercury, I photographed this dayburning Z8591 with a bowl in need of a clean. The lamp still gave out the familiar mercury colour, so cannot have been dayburning for long. This lantern also uses a P42. It had brown coloured casing instead of yellow, which means that it must be quite an old unit. I doubt the hole by the door would have aided in making this dayburn.

This lantern has now been removed and has also had an Iris fitted but the column still has the hole by the door.

On my second revisit, I discovered that this column had been removed and a new 6 m one had been installed. Oddly, the Iris was not re-used - instead, a 2600 has been installed.

This lantern appears to be an Eleco HW 853. The bracket is longer but there doesn't seem to be a reason as to why a longer bracket would be needed.

There is no controller in the base of the column so this must be group switched.

Another casualty to sleeving and 2500s:

This Z8896 is mounted on a very new-looking Hockey Stick column on a footpath. The P42 detector can just be seen on the close-up photograph.

A new-looking column maybe; but an older lantern certainly. As a result, this is now confined to history as well:

This made me smile - half of the door is underground!

I can't remember what sort of lantern was fitted on the column at my last visit, but now an WRTL 2500 is in place.

An entire column replacement for this one; and the 2500 was not re-used. Instead, an Urbis Altra 2 was fitted:


 The column supporting this GEC Z9532 is starting to fall into the field behind - it is only supported by the hedge I think! No wonder the new Stainton column with Philips XGS 104 has been installed alongside it. The old column is not live anymore - the fuse has been removed from the cutout.

This is still here - the column has not yet fallen into the field!

It is still here, although the lantern has now lost its lamp/bowl and the XGS 104's bowl has already been taped in place!

The old column still hadn't been replaced by August 2006 - however, the XGS 104's bowl was now held in place with a length of red tape - and not of the bureaucratic variety!

Another column that is leaning is this one, however it is not leaning as badly as the previous column. The replacement bowl of this later-style BTH Rural Enclosed lantern is broken underneath but the lantern itself probably still works. (Thanks to Claire for identifying the lantern.)

The column was still leaning in August 2006; however, it had been sleeved and a 2600 had been fitted.

Old meets new here - to the left: a Z8896 on an AC Ford bracket/box combination; and to the right: an Altra 2 on an AC Ford bracket/box combination!

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