97IA. Glenwood Rise / Thornes Croft, Stonnall, Lichfield, Staffordshire Thanks to Dwight for informing me of these Survivors. On both of these roads are examples of un-sleeved 15 ft GEC concrete columns, with the same type of cranked bracket fitted at both locations. The columns support 1980s' top-entry Thorn Beta 5 35 Watt SOX lanterns, but would have supported lanterns running tungsten (GLS) or mercury vapour (MBF) lamps originally. Elsewhere in the village, other examples of the columns are to be seen, but they have been sleeved and accommodate side-entry lanterns.

The Glenwood Rise examples are pictured first; this is at the junction of Main Street.

A small vertical crack has formed in the bracket at its join with the column.

Unusually, the bowl appears to have become slightly translucent over time. A spacing coupler exists between the lantern and the bracket.

The second column looks to be suffering with a slight structural issue too.

A length of tape is wrapped around the base of the bracket, in an attempt to prevent the concrete from eroding any further. A miniature photocell is fitted to this Beta 5.

The next concrete column is in better condition.

A Royce Thompson one-part NEMA photocell is fitted here. A further column existed at the end of the road, but another that had remained extant in March 2022 was gone by the time that these pictures were taken the following December. Google Street View imagery shows that the bracket was also taped together - perhaps, this served as the catalyst in requiring the column to be replaced.

Moving on to Thornes Croft, one further un-sleeved GEC column survived, along with an un-sleeved Stanton 1805 supporting a GEC Z9580 (Siemens SRL 35) - a 1980s' replacement.

Although the lantern appears to have no photocell control, it is also one that is controlled with a miniature photocell.

A replacement door is fitted to this column.

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