1. Philips MA 90.

Spotted on 1st November 2002 on the roadside near Street Light Online HQ.

What I think happened: Following the heavy winds on Sunday, Oct 27th 2002, I believe the winds were so fierce (as the column is in a very open area with nothing to break the force of the wind) that the weld securing the bracket to the column spigot broke, causing the lantern and remainder of the bracket pipe to fall down onto the road. Some kind soul/angry motorist has moved the lantern and bracket, in order that it is off the road and pavement. The bowl has been completely obliterated, as has the lamp. The lamp compartment isn't too bad and all the control gear still looks OK. I can't remember this lantern (and three following lanterns) ever working as they had not been adopted or checked at the time.

UPDATE 25th Jan 2003 - This lantern is not going to be here much longer - I've located the Allen screws needed to remove the lantern from the bracket and so will probably take the lantern soon. The lantern has been there for four months now, and it has just been getting covered in leaves and is full of water, and also I've noticed now from looking through the leaves that there is a huge hole in the canopy. About a quarter of the bowl remains - I tried to connect it to the canopy but it's too damaged now. All that remains from the lamp is the bayonet cap and several segments of arc tube. As with many SOX lamps, the arc tube glass is slightly thicker than the outer-glass to try to prevent heat loss and so tends to survive impacts better. I'm not even going to contemplate taking pieces of very sharp fragments of glass, so if I do take the lantern, I'm going to leave the glass and bracket behind.

UPDATE 29th Jan 2003 - The remains of the lantern were rescued by me, and all usable parts will be used to provide spares for other lanterns. Only in late 2019 would I, finally, acquire an undamaged and complete MA 90.

UPDATE Monday, 26th July 2004 - finally, this and the following MA 90 have been replaced. However, only this one is working at the moment.


The MA 90 soon after the fall. (About 3rd Nov 2002). The object behind the lantern is what's left of the bowl, and the white object on the other side of the fence is the front part of the lantern that has broken off. The SOX lamp cap is still present in the holder, and a section of the arc tube remains between the bowl and the lantern. When the lantern was finally removed, it was in about the same position as the bowl is in the photograph, and the broken off front bit was back on the other side by the column.

The column that my MA 90 was on in Spring 2004 - still without a lantern.

And here is the column again, after the new bracket and lantern were fitted. Let's hope that the bracket weld is a little tougher than its predecessor was!

I managed to picture the lantern at sunset - the clouds created quite an interesting effect.

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