11a. Thorn Beta 2 x 2 Photographed on Sunday, 11th June on Hospital Lane in Mickleover.

What I think happened: This section of Hospital Lane is home to several well-established trees; the majority of which happen to be on the same side as the columns are, with the result that the lanterns take a bit of a battering from the tree branches in blustery weather. On this occasion, some especially strong gales were forceful enough for the tree branches to dislodge two of the bowls attached to the Beta 2s installed along the road, and, in the case of one of the lanterns, smash the lamp as well. By chance, another couple of Beta 2s along the road lost their bowls in February 2000, and at least one of the lamps was broken on that occasion as well, although this could have been through vandalism. These lantern bowls were damaged when they fell to the ground, and so one was taken home by me, making it my very first piece of street lighting memorabilia collected! On this occasion, both bowls were (seemingly) obliterated by the fall, with the remains of one being scattered some distance away.


The bowl-less (and lamp-less) lantern can just be seen in the left-hand image, while the smashed remains of the 55 Watt SOX lamp can be seen on the right.

From the other side, the density of the branches (particularly when in full leaf) can be appreciated.


A slight clearing allowed the lantern to be seen in all of its (somewhat faded) glory. Notice that lampholder support bracket has been bent out of shape. I am surprised that a lamp cap isn't still present in the lampholder.


The other installation isn't quite as badly engulfed by branches.


A Zodion SS9-DLS part-night photocell is fitted here.


Sections of the bowl lie strewn in amongst the weeds in the grounds of the adjacent electricity substation.


For completeness, a picture of the Beta 2 bowl that I rescued back in 2000. This bowl remained largely intact, with only the front end (on the right-hand side) showing signs of damage - this end bearing the brunt of the impact upon falling from the lantern.


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