28. Thorn Beta 4 (Multiple Installations) Photographed in June 2015 on the footpath that passes over and to the side of the access road to the Drum Hill Reservoir, in Little Eaton.

What I think happened: As mentioned above, the public bridleway crosses the little-used access road to the reservoir. There is no means of preventing unauthorised access to the access road at the point at which both tracks meet, and as the site is somewhat remote and not particularly well overlooked (aside from a very brief appearance from the southbound A38 dual carriageway), the installations have been vandalised. Curiously, the vandalism is at its worst in the more exposed location; however, other installations have perhaps survived the onslaught as they are located a little closer to the sewage treatment works at the other end of the access road. Although I knew of these installations for some years (having myself seen them from the A38), I was unable to photograph them previously as I couldn't find a safe means of doing so - walking along the dual carriageway was not an option! I then discovered the existence of the bridleway, and to my relief, realised that it paralleled the access road for a short section; hence, how these pictures were finally captured.


This rather bent column is the first to be seen after traversing the short underpass beneath the A38 that accommodates both the access road and the bridleway. The concrete barrier visible at the bottom of the picture marks the divide between both tracks.


The remains of a smashed GLS lamp can be seen within the lantern.


The column's inspection door was slightly ajar; the internal wiring being obscured by the long grass surrounding the column.


I was disappointed to see that the bowl attached to this example had been broken - for years, the bowl had remained intact; albeit, swinging loosely on its hinge.

The following installation was in similar condition.


One example further up the hill still remained intact - the bowl appeared to be the type with refractor prisms moulded into the polycarbonate.

Moving back down the hill, and back on the other side of the A38 now, I was surprised to see that the lantern located at the point at which the access road and bridleway cross was still intact - the abundance of tree branches surrounding it perhaps assisting with this.


A slightly different style of bowl was fitted here.


Another intact installation could be seen immediately south of the crossing.


The lighting continued down the access road into the treatment works - unsurprisingly, the first installation within the perimeter fence was also in good condition.


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