29. Atlas Alpha 3s - Photographed in November 2019 on disused land off Sutton Lane, Arkwright Town, near Chesterfield.

What I think happened: The site, believed to have been part of Arkwright Colliery, has lain derelict since 1988, when the colliery closed. Open-cast mining commenced on the site a few years later, but by 2010, all traces of this had disappeared. Consequently, the abandoned lighting has fallen victim to vandals over that time, with nature lending a helping (and all too willing) hand too.

A Stanton 8G concrete column supporting two Alpha 3s (both, in equally poor condition) stands above the trees and shrubs that have grown since the site's abandonment.


The bowls are missing from all of the lanterns.


The lamps are also missing (i.e. smashed) in these two examples. The concrete brackets are spalling heavily at their lantern ends.


An 8F column situated nearby looked oddly incongruous in amongst this now-rural scene.


The remains of a broken MBF lamp remained fitted within this lantern.


This lantern features a corrugated aluminium reflector sheet above the lamp, making it a slightly rarer version of the Alpha 3.


The same installation, from a different angle. The column's inspection door was missing, although seeing into the base compartment was made difficult because of the adjacent bushes. There didn't appear to be any lamp control gear remaining in the base, although an old fused cut-out could be seen.


This example's bracket is spalling at the column joint too.


Another nearby column overhangs the chain link boundary fence, and faces Sutton Lane itself.


Even with autumnal leaf loss, the surrounding tree growth at this location made photographing the installation very difficult.


From the other side, very little could be seen of the lantern or its bracket at all.


Two columns were situated overlooking a former entrance area to the site. Both of these had had their original brackets replaced with a steel alternative, with a halogen floodlight attached to the end.


These appear to be 1980s' conversions.


The left-hand example had a much shorter bracket fitted. The column itself was of a different type too.


The bracket was positioned to face back into the site.


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