GEC 'Nightwatch' Z9536

Lantern acquired in July 2007.

Another example from GEC's popular 'Nightwatch' range enters the collection - this is similar to the OSRAM version mentioned further up this page except that it has an aluminium canopy and Perspex bowl which has gone cloudy through age. This lantern is also devoid of all of its internal components (save for the lamp support) as it was originally going to be converted to run two 15 W fluorescent tubes in place of a 55 W SOX lamp. This version of the Z9536 is rare in this area - especially examples with the 'old' style of bowl.

If you hold your mouse cursor over the pictures, the image will change to the equivalent one showing the OSRAM Z9536. This way, both lanterns can be compared.

Whilst the overall dimensions of the two lanterns remain the same, significant changes have taken place - the most obvious being the change from an aluminium canopy on the GEC version to the GRP canopy on the OSRAM version. Notice also how the GEC version does not have a flat space on the canopy for a NEMA socket to be fitted. The modern bowl is also a slightly different shape and the refractors are moulded, rather than being glued on as in the old-style bowl.

The GEC logo has been blanked on the canopy of the OSRAM version but the position of where it would have been is the same on the GEC version.

The underside of the GEC's bowl is diffused (and further so thanks to the clouded plastic!) whereas it is clear on the OSRAM version.

The inside of the lanterns has changed ever so slightly - the main difference seems to be that the lamp support has been turned around, in order that its securing screw is out of the way of where the NEMA socket would be positioned on the newer version.

Old meets new here - the GEC version's bowl was temporarily fitted to the OSRAM version to see what it looked like.


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