Local WRTL Stela Long Lanterns

The Stela Long was employed in Derbyshire as an alternative to sister lantern the Stela Square. Generally, the Long was proposed on wider roads; the standard optic setting of this lantern proving less obtrusive to properties immediately opposite the lantern than the equivalent Square lantern with wide optic setting did. Additionally, the Long offers a means of altering the lantern tilt and can be mounted side-entry.

These 24 LED variants can be found in small numbers on a new housing development located off Stenson Road in Stenson Fields. The majority of the lighting on this estate will use the Stela Square lantern, running 14 LEDs; however, some wider roads require the use of the Long lanterns for the reason highlighted above.


This installation mounted atop a 6 m column is switched using a Royce Thompson Oasis 2000 photocell, rated to activate the lantern when ambient light levels fall below 35 Lux.


The next column along also supports a Long.


A slight difference with this installation is that it is (intentionally) fitted with a Zodion SS9-DLS part-night photocell. This also is rated at 35 Lux, but extinguishes the lantern at midnight and then, if required, reactivates at 5:30 am  (or thereabouts).


Stela lanterns are employed to illuminate the car parking areas for the Derby Arena (Velodrome), which opened in early 2015. On the day of photographing, all of the car park lighting was dayburning.


A 44 LED Stela Wide was installed on the left-hand side of this twin-arm bracket, whilst a 24 LED Stela Long was installed on the right-hand side.


These 30 LED versions can be found on a new housing development in (appropriately enough) Long Eaton (the site of the former Speedway track, for those with local knowledge).


The minicell can be seen on the flat section of the lantern's canopy.


Another column on the same development:


The fact that the minicell is not visible from this side of the lantern suggests that it is offset on the canopy.


Keeping in Long Eaton, more 30 LED lanterns can be found on Lime Grove. These were installed in a bid to reduce antisocial behaviour in the immediate area.


A slight difference with these lanterns is that they are fitted with NEMA sockets and one-part photocells; in this case, Zodion Super6s.


As the road's name suggests, Lime Grove is lined with well-established lime trees - one of which can just be seen in the picture below. In this case, the Long permitted the columns to be spaced sufficiently far apart that they would fit between gaps in the tree lines.


The upward tilt of these lanterns is notable.


More examples of the 30 LED variant can be found on Sherwood Street in Leabrooks:


A total of four new 6 m columns were installed on this road. They replaced two 5 m columns supporting 35 W SOX lanterns.


The new lanterns are switched using Zodion SS6 35 Lux photocells.






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