Thorn 'Miniflood' ORG1150

Acquired in March 2020.

This new, old stock light was an eBay purchase, following the failure of a similar, modern Eterna fitting in my garden. Designed with the domestic market in mind, the Miniflood is capable of accommodating a single Parabolic Aluminised Reflector [PAR] 38 lamp up to 150 Watt, and can be angled to suit the object being illuminated, as required.

The Miniflood is packaged in a box measuring 435 mm (1712 inches) 123 mm (484 inches) 163 mm (642 inches).

While the box carries Thorn EMI branding, the label on the side makes reference to Thorn only, dating the fitting to around 1987/8.

Much of the fitting comprises a large plastic spike, for securing it into the ground, and maintaining its stability thereafter.

The label on the Miniflood's collar states that a minimum safe distance of 08 m should be left between the front of the lamp and the object that it is illuminating. Naturally, the "Made in Gt. Britain" comment below this warning pleases me greatly!

A pre-fitted rubber gaiter prevents water ingress to the fitting, once a lamp is inserted. The two green discs can be unscrewed, allowing the top section of the fitting to be tilted upwards or downwards as required. Re-tightening the discs afterwards locks the tilt at the desired angle.

The supply cable would enter through a panel above the ground spike, with a compression gland in the panel ensuring a tight seal is attained inside the wiring chamber. A second compression gland is supplied inside this area, for use if a second cable were to be connected, in the event of loop in/loop out wiring.

A red bung seals the unused second cable entry hole.

The following couple of photographs show the Miniflood installed outside, and fitted with the Omicron 10 Watt LED PAR 38 lamp.

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