Phosware P152

Lantern acquired in July 2007.

This and the following lantern came from the Derby RSPCA headquarters some years ago - they were replaced with white light lanterns -  unusually this came in the form of mercury lamps. The P152 cannot be found on Derbyshire's streets (as far as I know) - in fact, it doesn't appear to have been used much, if at all, in this area. Examples have been found across the border in Staffordshire, however.

This lantern is of the gear-in-base variety although it still employs the deep bowl made necessary by the large size of the components in the gear in head version. The bowl itself has clouded slightly over time, and is also very fragile due to the very thin Perspex employed.

The lantern is secured to the top-entry spigot by a small grub screw. The recess for the bowl fastener can be seen in the shadow.

From this angle, the fastener can be seen more easily.

The insides of the lantern are blackened but should clean up well. Unusually, the terminal block is located on the same plate as the lampholder.


The lantern was restored on Monday, 21st July 2008. My original intention had been to remove the bowl and then clean it and the canopy up separately, however the screws holding the bowl to the hinges had seized and attempts to remove them proved difficult due to the fragility of the bowl. In the end, I left the bowl attached and cleaned it and the canopy together. During cleaning I spotted a few spots of a light green paint on the canopy and assumed that this must have been the canopy's original colour. I managed to obtain a similar replacement colour to this and duly repainted the lantern's exterior. The interior was painted in gloss white - what a transformation!

The hole drilled for the photocell detector had also been filled in as part of the lantern's restoration:

Following this, the lantern was installed on an AC Ford AC 184 top-entry wall bracket.

The lantern was powered up using a British Lighting Industries (BLI) leak transformer.

Lantern warm-up video:

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