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SC 1000/SAV


This variation of the SC 1000 photocell started being used for all new works on the Derby Street Lighting PFI in September 2010. The main difference is that it is calibrated to activate the lantern when ambient light levels fall below 35 Lux, and to deactivate the lantern once ambient light levels rise above 18 Lux the following morning. By comparison, the SC 1000 cells were calibrated to 70 Lux on and 35 Lux off; this caused the lamp to operate for slightly longer periods each day, which of course then consumed more energy and thus cost more in energy payments. By mid-2012, the 35/18 Lux cells were even being retro-fitted to lanterns that had been installed with the 70/35 Lux cells; this included the many SOX lanterns that had avoided being replaced during the mass-relighting work of the last five years. The SC1000/SAV cell is very similar in appearance to the Oasis 1000, another Royce Thompson product. This example dates from week 21 of 2012 = 21st - 27th May.

When Royce Thompson altered the appearance of their Oasis 1000 and 2000 cells, the SC1000/SAV cell's design was updated too, although the 35 Lux rating remains. The cell dates from week 36 of 2018 = 3rd - 9th September.

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