1967 Stock Destination Blind

This destination blind, complete with its enclosure, passed to me through Haydn Brand, after the previous owner decided to sell it on. Thus, nothing is known of the blind's history between being removed from its redundant cab and its acquisition by me.

The blind enclosure is very similar in appearance to the C Stock destination blind in my Collection, though the rod that attaches the crank handle used in changing the destination is extended. Additionally, the enclosure was not painted Cornflower Blue during the 1967 Stock refurbishment that occurred in the early 1990s, as happened with the C Stock blind enclosures. The destination set in the photograph below indicated that the train would terminate at Seven Sisters station for passengers, but would then continue to Northumberland Park Depot, for use in shuttling any staff members from the Underground network to the depot. The presence of the dot within the destination confirms this route; the replacement 2009 Stock continuing the feature, albeit with a diamond-shaped indicator replacing the dot. A separate Seven Sisters (alliteration at its best) destination omitting the dot is also available on the blind roll - this would be used where trains terminated at Seven Sisters but did not proceed to the depot.


The enclosure belonged to unit 3161, which was a 'D' end Driving Motor (i.e. it faced towards Brixton), and one of the units where both cabs were operational, even after refurbishment. Its 'A' end equivalent was 3061. As with the C Stock Destination Blind, a small window in the rear panel of the enclosure duplicates the outward-facing destination, with the larger destination being aligned correctly if the indicator destination is aligned correctly behind the small window. In the case of the Seven Sisters shuttle trains, the destination wording is replaced with 'Staff Train', in order to differentiate from the regular Seven Sisters destination.


Owing to the relatively short length of the Victoria line, every station is able to be selected as a destination, even though not all of these stations offer direct reversal facilities.


Loosening the two slotted screws on the rear panel allow access into the enclosure's interior.


A minor difference with this blind enclosure is that the wiring for the lamp passes through the right here, whereas, it passes through the left on the C Stock blind. The same type of geared system for revolving the blind material exists, however.


An insulated block connects the four terminals of the lamp, with the addition of tape and cable ties being used to bunch individual cables.


The 20 W fluorescent lamp included with the blind was manufactured in April 2008.




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