Thorn Beta 4

Lantern acquired in December 2004.

This lantern was removed from Derby's Nottingham Rd cemetery in mid-2004. It had been derelict for many years until Jeremy managed to get it going earlier in the year, however it wasn't really bright enough, and so it and the Revo column that supported it were removed and some wall mounted SON floodlights were installed as replacements.

The swan neck on this lantern is the largest bracket in the collection - it looks as if it should accommodate a larger lantern. Luckily, years of repaints in 'Derbyshire Green' paint have held back the rust.

A close-up of the lantern now, and luckily it is complete. The bowl is yellowed and has some graffiti on it, but it is in an otherwise good condition. The only real problem that I've spotted is that the lantern's securing screw is rusted and won't easily move.

Opening the bowl reveals that the lantern is similar to the Prefect in as much as it has a spun metal disc to reflect the light downwards.

The side of the bowl has the worst yellowing, but the area directly below the lamp isn't too bad.

Looking down on the lantern and bracket shows the amount of paint that has been applied over the years. The lantern is actually facing the wrong way round; and probably has been since it was first installed - there is an 'across road' marker on the canopy, directly below where the bracket is.

Looking inside the lantern now - and the focusing mechanism is just visible behind the reflector.

The focusing mechanism is interesting in itself - there are two positions for 100 W and 150 W GLS lamps depending on whether an ES or BC lampholder is used.

The lampholder is directly connected to the incoming cable, rather than being connected to a terminal block.

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