Sidmouth Seafront Lantern - Restoration

I started by removing the existing gear from the lantern.

The ignitor must still have had some water in it as little droplets kept appearing as the component was moved around.

I then removed the minicell - though this wasn't as easy as it may sound as the locknut had fused to the metal and wouldn't move. However, the cork gaskets beneath had perished and I was therefore able to remove them and get a hacksaw in-between the nut and the canopy. Even then, with the locknut now removed along with the top of the detector, the cell still didn't want to move, and so I then drilled out the remainder of the shaft using a 20 mm holesaw. The rest of the cell then came away easily. I also used the holesaw to clear out the silicone which had been put in the top-entry spigot - this dropped out in one go.

The cell was also full of water so I drilled the casing in several places to try to drain it - this wasn't very successful and so I decided to break open the casing. The tough flame-retardant plastic put up a good fight but in the end I managed to make a fair-sized hole in the top. The capacitor had all ready broken off the circuit board and was looking a bit burnt at one end - this cell was unlikely to work again!

The next big challenge was getting into the bowl - just how do you work on a lantern which has a sealed optic (of sorts)? Well I managed to cut away at the sealant and then levered the reflector off.

The reflector is the same as the one which is used in a Philips SGS 203 - although it has been modified somewhat in order to fit in the Sidmouth lantern - notice that the aluminium has been cut in quite a crude way - the cut lines from the reflectors made from the same pressing can be seen on either side.

This is what was left when the gear, cell and reflector had been removed - not much left!

The bowl is actually made up of four sections which have then been sealed at the joints.

Looking the other way - and yes, the canopy was closed when this photograph was taken..!




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