103f. Coach Road, Riddings, Alfreton Attached to a pole bracket a short distance from Codnor Lane is a 'Coolie-Con' enamelled reflector lantern. This type of fitting was not, ordinarily, employed for street lighting; it tended to see more use as an industrial lighting product, as well as on railways. Thus, it may have a connection to the nearby Midland Railway Centre at Butterley; the lane continues to the attraction's Swanwick Junction station, as well as the sheds that house the rolling stock.

These first couple of photographs, taken in July 2003, show the overhead conductors entering an ESLA 'Harrison Type' fuse box. Above this is a junction box with a steel wire armoured cable exiting and passing further down the pole to a Venner Time Switch box. Presumably, this cable also includes a switched-live core, which then terminates into the junction box, connecting with the cable supplying the lantern. Having said all of that, there is no lamp in the fitting, suggesting that the installation has become forgotten and derelict.

I paid a return visit to this installation sixteen years later, in December 2019. The bright sunlight that was (oddly) missing from the summer photographs decided to make an appearance this time...not that there was a great deal to see; in the intervening years, surrounding vegetation had engulfed the pole to the extent that the fitting was only just visible!

The corrosion to the white enamel on the underside of the reflector had worsened too, with at least one new rust spot having formed since the installation was pictured originally.

The dark green colouring to the outer-facing metal didn't appear to be as badly affected, however.

From this angle, a small hole can be spotted in the fitting's neck - the corrosion having rotted away the steel successfully at this point.

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