12JD. Off Effra Road, Brixton, London Borough of Lambeth. Thanks to Alex Monk for informing me of these Survivors. Situated in-line with the closed-off access to Rushcroft Road are the remains of two sewer gas destructor posts with bases that also doubled up as light wells for the public toilets located beneath. The two posts have been adapted to accommodate two brackets each, and to these are fitted GEC Z5560 top-entry lanterns. With the toilets having opened in 1929, the posts are likely to date from then too, although as the toilets closed in 1985, the lanterns may have ceased to be operated since then too. They are, however, relatively clean internally, and the glass refractor bowls of all four are undamaged, which could suggest that they remain in use. If so, their lamp types and wattages are unknown.

Both columns are identical in design.

The brackets are made from two lengths of steel conduit that have been bent appropriately to create a symmetrical appearance. A decorative piece of circular scrollwork holds the top sections of the two brackets together, while clamps around the post structure hold them tightly in place. Cables pass through the structure and through the slats towards the top of the post. According to this website, the cables then go into the bunkers housing the toilets and terminate in one of the fuse boxes located in the attendant's offices in the respective male and female toilets.

The lanterns are not both angled to face the same direction - the left-hand lantern (as seen above) has its 'front' facing away...

...while the right-hand lantern (complete with inquisitive pigeon!) has its 'front' facing the camera.

The Tate Library and Brixton Ritzy Cinema provide a backdrop for the second column.

The Z5560s, and probably the brackets too, are likely to be a 1960s' modification.

The lantern orientation varies once again, with the 'front' of the lantern now facing the same direction to which the bracket end points.

The bowl on this right-hand example also faces in this direction. Black paint applied to the lantern's canopy has begun to peel, exposing the aluminium beneath.

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