143. Former Stevenson's Dyers, Bullbridge Hill, Bullbridge Installed within the grounds of this now derelict and partially-demolished factory are several elderly lighting installations. The factory closed in December 2006, but it is unknown as to when the lighting was last in use.

A Stanton 1808 concrete column supporting an ELECO GR150 illuminated the main entrance to the works. An identical column existed in what appeared to be a car park area; however, the trees in the background have prevented it from being seen here.


Spalling at the column's bracket joint has commenced, but the installation is in an otherwise reasonable condition, given its age and the fact that it is no longer in use.


A couple of wall-mounted integrally-geared 90 Watt SOX lanterns, an ELECO HW-745 and a Thorn Alpha 9, were still extant near the site's former exit gate.


Sadly, the HW-745 had suffered at the hands of vandals; probably due to its relatively low mounting height and position in front of the gate.


Curiously, both this lantern, and the Alpha 9, had had lengths of tape wrapped around their spigot entries - a means of improving the lanterns' internal sealing, or a bodge to secure the lanterns to a narrow diameter bracket?


The Alpha 9 also had a damaged bowl; annoyingly, this is a an early (and therefore, rarer) version of this lantern, as evidenced by the presence of bowl hinges on the side of the lantern. Later versions saw a redesign whereby the hinge was relocated to the front of the lantern.


The massive ballast in these lanterns explains the need for such a deep bowl.


Another HW-745 was then spotted across the road, on Drovers Way. Thankfully, this lantern was in much better condition, and may still be in use, in order to illuminate the entrance to the adjacent vehicle repair garage.


The ELECO logo can just be seen on the lantern's canopy - between the two bowl clips.


Although the bowl has clouded over time, the internal reflector/gear tray cover is still visible inside the lantern.


Now then, children, can anyone tell me what the shape formed between the stay bar, bracket and column is?


Geometry lesson over, and what appears to be a Philips SOX lamp is installed in this lantern.


By 2022, a new housing estate had been constructed here, and all of the lights seen above had been removed.

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