15b. Former Draka Cables Factory, Alfreton Rd. Located in a car parking area within the former factory complex is a 25 ft tubular steel column supporting a Crompton 'Silver Ray' S416DS lantern - a re-badged version of the ELECO GR 304 lantern. The lantern is likely to be a Crompton product, owing to the factory having been owned by Crompton Parkinson in the past. This lantern appears to be the sole survivor of a lighting scheme that was installed during the Crompton days - the rest of the columns now accommodating floodlighting units. Following the factory's closure, the buildings have been split into separate units; the site having been renamed 'Eagle Park', though the operational status of this particular installation is unknown.

The installation, as it appears from Alfreton Road.


The lantern's bowl is missing; however, an elliptical lamp is still visible within the lantern.


The remnants of the bowl are still attached to the hinges.


The installation is pictured again from just within the site entrance.


The lantern is fitted to a short outreach bracket; these brackets can still be seen on the columns that have had floodlights fitted.


Sadly, all of the above installations had been removed by early November 2017.

The entrance to an adjacent (and seemingly derelict) industrial site is lit with Philips MI 55 70 Watt SON lanterns, but notice that the lantern below is fitted to the column by means a wall bracket, which may instead make it an SNK 70 'combipack' unit...and then look at what is fitted to the column spigot.


The object appears to be the base casting from a long-removed Thorn Gamma 2 fluorescent lantern.


The second column also retains a Gamma 2 casting. As can be seen, the MI 55's bowl is missing.


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