160A. Melandra Road, Glossop, High Peak Situated within the compound of a small, and partially disused, water pumping station, are two Concrete Utilities 15 ft (5 m) 'Byway' columns; the CU equivalent of Stanton's '9' series. Both columns are fitted with top-entry lanterns - one, with the canopy from a Thorn Beta 4; the other, with a GEC Z9537 55 W SOX lantern. Neither lantern is in working condition, sadly. Although the Byway column was designed in 1954, both lanterns are newer than this, although as both are contemporary to each other, I am uncertain as to whether they are later replacements, or original to when the columns were installed - the fact that both are different is curious, however. Another oddity is that the two columns have makeshift top-entry couplers for the two lanterns installed at their bracket ends, at the position where a top-entry thread should exist anyway.

The column supporting the Beta 4 is first to be seen after leaving the A57 and passing the recycling centre.

Repairs to the joint between the column and bracket have been made using tape.

The bracket is sandwiched between two square steel plates, which have threaded rods passing through them, and are secured with nuts at each end of the rods. Dense foliage prevented the inside of the lampholder from being seen, but it appears to be an Edison Screw (E27) type.

The column supporting the Z9537 is installed by the gates that allow access into the pumping station area.

The lantern seems to be angled to allow the beam to shine over the driveway; the column's setback in the grass being the apparent reason for this. As can be seen, the bowl is damaged (and probably has been for some time, given how grubby the lantern's interior looks). The lamp appears to be missing from this lantern too.

A small section of the column's internal rebar structure is visible at the base (along with a faint crack in the concrete heading upwards) - this is unusual in concrete columns with thick bases, particularly on the side opposite the door area.

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