161b. Kinder Road, Hayfield, High Peak Situated at the entrance to the village's library is an unused post-top lantern; possibly, a Revo Goldcrest. The building now housing the library was built in 1867 as the Hugh Bourne Primitive Methodist Chapel, but was deconsecrated in 1969 when the congregation merged with that of St John's Methodist Church, and has been run as a library ever since. The lantern is likely to date from around this time, although I cannot be certain of whether it was fitted when the building was still used as a place of worship, or afterwards. Whatever the case, it would have replaced an older lantern attached to the ornate iron arch that marks the entrance to the building.

The grand structure of the library building contrasts sharply with the (somewhat overlooked) lantern that greets all visitors.


The lantern looks somewhat unloved in its current state - there are multiple holes in its canopy, the black paint to its base looks rather crudely applied, and (what appears to be) silicone sealant has been applied around the spigot as a means of making it fit more securely to the ironwork. A cable can be seen entering the lantern, however, so it might still work, even though, currently, it is disused.


The Perspex bowl has turned translucent white with age. A corner of the sealing gasket is missing.


The 1960s' heritage of this lantern is obvious in its design.


This is something of a unique view - there can't be many post-top installations where someone can stand directly below the lantern (and have it - almost - in touching distance)!


From the other side, we can see that the lantern appears devoid of any sort of lamp. Designed for a 45 Watt SO/H lamp, a modern 35 Watt SOX lamp probably would fit, although, it would be a tight fit.


The top of the lantern's canopy becomes visible after having ascended a few of the steps leading to the building.


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