171. The Mill House, Milford Installed on a footpath leading over a now-disused footbridge across the River Derwent are three columns supporting 1950s' Falks 'Beaufort' post-top lanterns. Curiously, the current footbridge post-dates the age of these installations by around thirty years; it being constructed in 1982 as a replacement for the original 1826 footbridge that was demolished in 1946. Therefore, in all likelihood, these lanterns were probably installed elsewhere and were then salvaged for use on the footpath when the bridge was constructed. Although all three lanterns have been modified in order to accommodate a photocell, sadly, only one retains its single large envelope GLS (filament) lamp; the other two having been adapted to accommodate twin halogen floodlights beneath their iconic saucer-like canopies. Judging by the considerable vegetation growth that exists behind the security fence that has been erected as a means of closing the footpath, the installations are probably no longer working, and may not have been for some time.

This installation is the only one that remains in near-original condition.


When new, the lantern would either have had a translucent bowl surrounding the lamp, or a simple glass refractor ring.


Standing slightly further back reveals the Zodion SS4 photocell attached to the lantern's canopy.


The other installations are pictured from the other side of the river.


The halogen floodlights fitted within this lantern are angled in such a way that one has its beam directed over the footbridge, whilst the other faces the direction of the installation seen above.


The other installation is situated on the other side of the bridge, adjacent the building formerly occupied by the Riverside Garden Centre. Access to the footbridge from this side is also restricted - notice the wooden fence at the bottom of the picture.


Here, one of the floodlights is again positioned in the direction of the bridge, whilst the other's beam would be concentrated in the small open area between the building and the river. A Royce Thompson P5 photocell is fitted here.


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