177. Kiln Lane, Hope, Wrexham. Spaced rather a considerable distance apart on this narrow lane are three cast iron columns supporting top-entry swan neck brackets and Revo Prefect lanterns. The installations appear to be in private ownership as they carry no maintenance identification numbers, unlike two newer tubular steel columns supporting Thorn Beta 5 lanterns that fill the gaps between the Prefect installations. Additionally, two of the lanterns are fitted with GLS-lookalike LED 'filament' lamps, whilst the third runs a 100 Watt MBF/T (self-ballasting) lamp - all three installations are likely to have run regular GLS lamps originally, before being changed to MBF/T later.

The first column seen along the one-way street is painted silver, and is about the most 'original' of the three installations. This Prefect retains its polycarbonate bowl - now rather yellowed from years of UV exposure, and sporting a burn hole in its base from when a previous lamp must have worked loose from its internal supports! At the time of writing, this lantern is not working at night.

The second column is in overall poorer condition, and would benefit from a lick of paint. The close-up photograph of the lantern reveals that the bowl and internal reflector disc are missing, and also allows the LED lamp and P12HE miniature photocell to be seen. Both this, and the following installation, do work at night, however.

Notice, also, that the lantern is misaligned  - the clip and hinge should be perpendicular to the bracket.


The third column is situated behind a wall. Notice that both ladder bars are missing from this installation; the previous column had one missing, whilst the first column still had both intact! The close-up photograph confirms that an MBF/T lamp is fitted - these are the only mercury vapour lamps that fit a 2-BC lampholder. At least, this lantern is aligned accurately...not that any sort of optical control exists with these lanterns!

The extreme close-up allows the photocell to be seen in all of its glory!


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