194. Off Civic Way, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire Located in a square between the town's Civic Hall and Library are seven Revo cast iron columns, with each supporting a post-top C13428 Festival lantern, also made by Revo. When new, these lanterns would have run four 80 Watt 5 ft (1500 mm) linear fluorescent lamps each; whether this remains the case today is unknown, although some minor bowl damage to one of the lanterns suggests that linear lamps (either, fluorescent or LED) are still fitted, and the lack of any other area lighting in the vicinity provide strong evidence to support the likelihood that the lanterns remain operational. Given that the Civic Hall's foundation stone dates to 1953, the Revo installations are likely to be of a similar age.

Four columns are situated immediately in front of the Library building.


The other three are situated at the other end of the precinct, near the Civic Hall.


The columns and lanterns are painted grey, with white highlights, reflecting the colours employed in the paving.

A flush-fitting hinged door in the columns allows access to the internal wiring. Although secured with triangle bolt locks, originally, the doors may have been secured with the standard Revo two-pin brass bolts.

A closer look at the other two columns in this area.


Miniature photocells are fitted to the lanterns, although when new, they are likely to have been operated by time switches located in the column bases. This is the only damaged lantern out of the seven, and is positioned in the group of four - the Perspex bowl appears to have cracked along its joining seam.

This does, however, allow the insides of the lantern to be glimpsed.


The columns all have 'Revo - Tipton' cast into their bases.


The two installations across from the damaged lantern appear to be undamaged, however.


One final view looking towards the Civic Hall, under clouds that are doing their best to mimic the colours of the columns.


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