2A. Queen Street, Horncastle, Lincolnshire Still extant along this street in July 2022 are five Concrete Utilities 15 ft (5 m) 'Byway NX' concrete columns supporting top-entry Philips MI 50 35 Watt SOX lanterns using Arc 4 brackets. The Byway NX is the CU version of Stanton's rather ill-fated 1805 (and 2005, for later, metric versions) column, although I do not know whether the structural defects that plagued the 1805 column were also found to be an issue with the Byway NX - I assume that the 'N' means 'narrow', which was meant to be a selling point for concrete columns as an alternative to tubular steel - one of the major advantages that steel had over concrete for many years, once the material became available again in the decades following the Second World War, was that it could be made narrower overall, whereas many concrete columns of the same period were rather bulky and monolithic in their appearance. Only as more 1805 columns were installed, and as they aged, did the structural concerns around the base, become apparent, meaning that many newer concrete columns were replaced long before their older, thicker equivalents were.

Two of the columns are pictured below; this column is located first from East Street.

No signs of spalling were visible on the gap between the bracket and the column.

The SELC 841 photocell's size leaves little space in front of the bracket.

The pencil-thin base sections of these columns prevented some larger control gear components from being accommodated within them - another possible flaw that may have limited their popularity. Fortunately, more lanterns were being fitted with their own lamp control gear by the time that this style of column began being installed.

This image of the second column demonstrates the skinny overall profile.

Both the column and lantern are probably of the same age, and are likely to date from the 1980s.

The Concrete Utilities logo, complete with the 'Kitemark' safety symbol is visible above the door. The door itself uses the CU 'drop latch' style of lock.

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