3. Eaton Bank, Little Eaton/Duffield. Situated along a private driveway leading to the impressive 'Edgehill' property are several 1950s' Concrete Utilities Avenue 2D columns with Arc 2D brackets, each supporting a top-entry Phosware P122 (SO60) lantern that was designed for running a single 60 Watt SO/H low pressure sodium vapour lamp - the forerunner of the 35 Watt SOX lamp. The lanterns do not appear to have had any sort of photocell control added; indeed, when I discovered these back in 2004, they appeared to be unchanged from when they were installed.

The first column from Eaton Bank itself, pictured in 2004.

A few years later, and the installation is little changed, although the surrounding trees have grown somewhat!

The lantern's bowl was hanging open slightly at the front, allowing dirt to gather within it.

By May 2020, this particular installation was now derelict, with the bowl and lamp having been removed.

A few years prior to taking these photographs, I received an email from someone who claimed to have involvement with these lanterns, and was hoping to refurbish them, bringing all back into operational condition. Sadly, although this plan may have commenced, it doesn't appear to have existed for long before being abandoned.

The bayonet lampholder is visible hanging down from the lantern's canopy.

A length of wire twisted around the lantern's top-entry connector was (formerly) used to secure the bowl; the original Phosware "Oddie" key having been lost over time.

The second column along the driveway was in much the same condition.

A lamp cap remains attached to this lantern's lampholder, and the supply cable can be seen entering the canopy.

The third column was situated on the outside of a sharp bend in the roadway - much of the column itself being obscured by vegetation.

The bowl on this example was still intact, although it too was hanging open at the front of the lantern.

A similar sight greeted me for the next lantern, although the bowl on this example was hinged fully open.

The close-up reveals that the bowl is has some slight damage, and that a domestic compact fluorescent lamp connected to an Edison Screw lampholder has been installed inside the lantern.

The side refractor panels are missing from the bowl.

The following column had had a CCTV camera bracket attached to its shaft, although the camera itself appeared to be missing.

This lantern had also had a compact fluorescent lamp fitted to it. The flat reflector located high in the lantern suggests that the original lamp control gear would have been situated in the column base - I wonder whether it is still there!

Also in Little Eaton is an old Revo concrete column. The strange thing about it is that the bracket is a cast iron swan neck! I have seen this in other places around Derby, where the bracket is made of metal but the column is concrete. The concrete is not in the greatest of conditions, but considering that this column must be one of Derby's oldest concrete columns, it has stood the test of time very well indeed. I don't think a Beta 5 really does a column as old as this justice.


The column was removed later; a 6 m column supporting a spigot-mounted Philips XGS 104 served as the replacement.

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