33b. Henry Road, Nottingham. A good part of this Victorian street is lit with GEC Z8596s; still running mercury lamps. The lanterns are fitted to swan necks which are mounted to Revo 'Hull' cast iron columns. Due to severely discoloured bowls and worn-out lamps, light output is now practically non-existent. The columns have 'NCLD' cast into their doors - perhaps standing for 'Nottingham City Lighting Department'. Two of these antique doors are missing - one is on a column now supporting a Philips SGS 203; whilst the other one is on a column still supporting a Z8596.

The first Z8596; positioned in front of a very old painted advertisement for, ironically a painter and decorator, has a polycarbonate bowl which has been allowed to discolour past the usual yellow and is now a dull brown.

The P42 has clearly failed on this Z8596 as the lantern is dayburning. The lamp was quite green so it has probably been like this for a while.

An example of the special door used on this type of column.

The bowl on this lantern is not discoloured; however light output will still be restricted due to the the green slime immediately beneath the lamp!

A very modern (but out of date - the photographs were taken in August 2006!) sign fitted to a very old column!

This Z8596 is fitted with a Zodion SS54 detector as opposed to the P42s seen previously. Notice in the full-installation photograph that the door is missing

It appears that the Revo brass bolt has sheared; which is what has caused the door to fall away and then disappear. The wiring in the base has been prepared in a somewhat haphazard way - the capacitor is hanging by its wires to the right of the cutout and I think the ballast may also be down there although it might be above the cell controller. This is calibrated to switch on at 40 lux - meaning that the road would already be quite dark before the cell energised.

The lanterns were later replaced with Thorn Beta 2s.

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