38. Lows Lane, Stanton By Dale. Installed along this road are a number of Stanton 1808 8 m octagonal concrete columns, many of which have not been sleeved. This road should have Stanton columns along it really, as the factory they were produced at is on this road; however, two columns along the road are made by rival firm Concrete Utilities to their own octagonal column design. According to legend, Concrete Utilities discovered that the road was to have Stanton's own columns installed along it, and so arranged with the Local Authority at the time for two of their own products to be installed opposite the main entrance to Stanton Ironworks as a gentle dig at their competitor!

A Thorn Alpha 4 90 Watt SOX lantern is fitted to the column that is the closest to Littlewell Lane.

The joint between the column and bracket is in good condition, with no evidence of spalling occurring at all.

Along with the CU logo being moulded into the column itself, it appears again on the inspection door. I am surprised that additional insult to injury was not added - the two logos could have faced the entrance of the works! The door features the CU 'droplatch' lock; remarkably, this appears to be intact - most CU doors of this type locally are banded in place as their anomalous nature means that the right type of key may not be to hand if any work in the base compartment is required.

The second column is installed a little further along Lows Lane (it is not next to the first, but one up from that; an 1808 bridges the gap between the two). Notice that this example's door has had to be banded in place.

Another 90 Watt lantern, a Thorn Alpha 9, is installed here. This is likely to be the original lantern to this column; the Alpha 4 being a replacement.

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