4s. Osmaston Road, Derby City Centre Installed around the perimeter of a derelict car park on the junction of Nightingale Road are four sheet steel base-hinged columns, all supporting Atlas Alpha 3 lanterns. At the time of photographing, in October 2019, the car park had lain derelict for (at least) seven years, although the lanterns remained intact and relatively free of vandalism, despite the neglect. From seeing the lanterns when the car park was still used, I seem to recall that they ran mercury vapour (MBF) lamps, as they would have done when new.

The two columns on the Nightingale Road side of the car park are spaced quite closely together.


Some minor damage has occurred to the lantern's bowl, and the rear clip on this side of the bowl has become detached, but the lantern is, otherwise, complete.


The bowl on the second lantern is noticeably shallower than it is on the first; in fact, I have never seen an Alpha 3 with this type of bowl until now.


The other two columns are installed opposite.


The apparent mark on the underside of this example's bowl is actually just the reflection of one of the parking space lines - the bowl's interior is rather grubby from two of its four clips being unfastened!


The lanterns are installed at much lower mounting heights than they are intended to be installed at - even if they run 250 Watt lamps each, the car park will have been very well lit, especially as there are also two high masts with floodlights fitted in the same area!


Damage is present on the underside of this lantern's bowl too.


As seems to be the tradition, one of the front bowl clips is unfastened here!


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