93. Castle Street / High Street / Cotton Street, Bolsover. Located on these three roads in this historical Derbyshire town are several GEC Z5640 lanterns supported on cast iron columns - possibly made by Revo but unusually there is no manufacturer's name on the casting. The lanterns are in good condition for their age - obviously the bowls have yellowed over time and the canopies have been drilled to facilitate photocells, but many lanterns still appear to be fitted with their glass refractor rings. Today, the lanterns are fitted with SON lamps but they are likely to have run mercury lamps when new. Depending on the age of the lanterns, they are possibly original to the columns - the lantern design being launched in the 1950s.

This, and the following example, are located on Castle Street.

This example has lost the decorative finial that is used in securing the canopy:

A nut now screws on to the threaded vertical rod that protrudes from the canopy, allowing it to be secured.


Detail of the column's inspection door.


These examples are on the High Street. The previous lantern can be seen in the background of the first two photographs:

Do not adjust your monitors; it is the column that is leaning!

The column patterning is similar in appearance to the Revo 'Hull' design.

This below example is fitted with a Royce Thompson P10 photocell, as was the previous example.

The final examples are on Cotton Street:

The photocell can only be seen when the lantern is viewed from a slightly different angle.


Two of the lanterns had apparently been retro-fitted to more modern columns at some point; both of these installations had gone by 2015:

A new 6 m column supporting a WRTL Arc lantern running a PL-T lamp now exists at the above location, whereas a Phosco P567A 4 LED lantern is now installed on the column below, owing to difficulties in accessing this column for maintenance.


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