A38 - Markeaton to Little Eaton

Towards the end of 2008, some of the twenty-odd-year-old Philips MA 50 and 60 lanterns from the above section of the A38 in Derby were replaced with new Philips 'Iridium' SGS 253 lanterns (possibly running 250 Watt SON but I cannot be sure) in order to improve colour rendering along the carriageway for some CCTV cameras being installed. Work seemed to cease early in 2009, however in March/April time I noticed a number of excavations appearing at the sides of the carriageway and wondered what purpose they would serve. I didn't need to wait for too long to find an answer - the excavations turned out to be locations of new columns, feeder pillars and cabling infrastructure. The new columns were of the "passively-safe" type and were aluminium in construction - made by SAPA. Conveniently, the Company has a base in Derbyshire, although I don't know whether they were chosen for this reason. The disconnection equipment is supplied by NAL UK.

The eventual plan seems to be to remove the existing tapered steel columns in the central reservation and have the new columns installed in an opposite arrangement on either side of the carriageway (at least on the section between Markeaton and Palm Court). The photograph below shows the view from the bridge over the A38 at Ferrers Way:

As can be seen, the new columns have already been installed on the left-hand (southbound) carriageway but have not yet been installed on the right-hand (northbound) carriageway although the proposed positions have been excavated.

Looking the other way and another new column can be seen. Another column is installed in the verge a little further along, however this is another tapered steel supporting an MA 50 as the slip road leading from the A6 'Palm Court' roundabout joins the main carriageway just before this point. The new lanterns are all fitted with Royce Thompson cells of some repute and seem to switch on much earlier than the SOX lanterns do/did.

A similar view to the top picture, although the double-arms have now been removed. A new crash barrier was installed after the old columns were taken away (photograph taken on the 28th June 2009)

The picture below is taken from the Kedleston Road bridge. This photograph was taken on Saturday, 2nd October 2010, when several of the columns proposed for this scheme were STILL to be installed. The first Iridium on the right-hand side is dayburning.

The Iridiums used on this scheme appear to be of the full cut-off (flat glass) variety.

Click on the links below to view (sped-up) drive-by videos of the section between Markeaton and Palm Court roundabouts as they appeared in May 2009. Please note that the 'night' video contains rapidly flashing lights from maintenance vehicles.






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