Derby's Street Lighting PFI Contract

City Road, Darley Ward

The equipment being removed consisted of the following items in 1997:

Seq. No. Lamp Number Location Lamp Type Watt Isolation Point
1 25979 1 FR MANSFIELD RD SXPL2 90  
2 25980 OS GARAGE SXPL2 55  
3 25981 O/S 9 SXPL2 55  
4 25982 O/S BOWMER & KIRKLAND SXPL2 55  
5 25983 OS FLATS SXPL2 55  
6 25984 OP PRESTIGE SXPL2 55 Y
7 25985 OS 61 SXPL2 55  
10 25988 OPP BLISS RYLAND SXPL2 55  
11 25989 O/S BLISS RYLAND SXPL2 55  
12 25990 OPP CHESTER GN RD SXPL2 55  
13 25991 F/P TO NORTH PARADE SXPL2 55  
14 25992 ON CAR PARK ENT. SXPL2 55  
15 25993 OPP NOS 97/99 SXPL2 55  
16 25994 OPP 117/119 SXPL2 55  
17 25995 O/S 106/108 SXPL2 55 Y
18 25996 O/S NO 151 SXPL3 55  
19 102074 JUNC OLD CHESTER RD FL 8  

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs were taken on Saturday, 11th June 2011.

An 8 m tubular steel column supporting a GEC Z9464 90 W SOX lantern was first from Mansfield Road.


The over-lamp reflector and control gear cover can be seen within the lantern.


The new columns are 6 m in height.


The majority of the outgoing columns along this road ended their days supporting Thorn Beta 2 55 W SOX lanterns dating from the early 1980s. When new, the columns are likely to have supported 125 W MBF lanterns; the Beta 2s being fitted in order to conserve energy.


Although slightly grubby, the lanterns were in good condition for their age.


This lantern's sprung lampholder appears to have been stretched; resulting in the far end of the lamp resting on the bowl.


With the column root exposed, a fair amount of corrosion was visible.


The white walls of the City Road Business Centre (formerly the offices of Tomlinson Construction, and Bowmer & Kirkland prior to that) made for an efficient reflective surface - I expect this section of the road always appeared slightly over-lit!


A Royce Thompson SC1000 photocell had been fitted to this lantern at some point during the PFI's involvement in Derby's street lighting. Interestingly, the next few installations also sported SC1000s as well.


One installation that would be unlikely to be replaced as part of the PFI scheme was this wall-mounted Simplex Diadem Major; installed within the entrance to the Business Centre. Something tells me that there may have been problems with roosting pigeons in this area at some point!


The next new column had been situated to the back of the adjacent lay-by, rather than within the taper, as the old column had been.


The Beta 2's bowl would have benefited from a liberal cleaning!


A new column was installed opposite the entrance to Mansfield Street.


Its equivalent outgoing number was sited just after the junction.


The lantern's aluminium canopy shone in the sunlight.


An identical installation followed...or so you might think at first glance.


The gear tray appeared to have become detached from one of its two hinges. In addition to this, a 35 W SOX lamp appeared to have been fitted instead of a 55 W lamp.


A newer column, sporting an equally-newer Beta 2, was next.


This too was fitted with an SC1000 photocell.


The mature trees of Chester Green quickly then came into view.


A Zodion SS3DR photocell was fitted to this lantern.


The presence of overhanging tree branches at the next location had ensured that the new column would be installed opposite the outgoing column.


The imposing structure of the former Aida-Bliss factory provided an interesting backdrop for this installation. The new columns here are 7 m in height.


Eventually, the trees cleared - if only briefly!


Perhaps insulted at the spikes placed on the Diadem Major seen earlier, a couple of ring-necked doves had perched themselves on the new and old columns at this location:


The next couple of installations were once again surrounded by foliage.


This lantern's bowl was also in a rather grubby state.


A blob of moss awaits the next person to open this lantern's bowl!


Still just about visible on the wall of the former corner shop adjacent the final column on this road is a painted advertisement for Offilers' Ales - generations of Derby people will be familiar with this brand, and even today, it is still held in high regard by many, despite the brewer ceasing production in 1966.


The last piece of equipment set for replacement along this road was the illuminated 'Give Way' sign. A twin 8 W fluorescent Pearce Gowshall L68/25 signlight provided the illumination. An offset bracket was provided, in order to locate the sign plate away from the nearby wall. The replacement post is set slightly further forwards; removing the need for additional bracketry.


By Sunday, 26th June, lanterns had been fitted to the new columns and the outgoing columns had largely been removed.


For the first time in the PFI's history (that I am aware), the canopies of the Iridiums were finished in the same blue that the columns were finished in; making a pleasant change from the usual white-canopied Iridiums.






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