21BAA. Off Mosley Street, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire With thanks to Dwight for discovering these Survivors. Located within the car parks of two adjoining businesses are some Thorn lanterns from yesteryear - one being home to a number of gear-in-base Alpha 3s, which are notable in themselves, but play second fiddle here to two Abacus 15 ft (5 m) tubular steel columns both supporting the considerably rarer Gamma 2 post-top lantern for two, or, in this case, four, 2 ft (600 mm) 40 Watt fluorescent lamps. Given that the Gamma 2 made its last appearance in the 1972/3 Thorn catalogue, these lanterns will have been 51 years old (at least) by the time that they were photographed in 2023.

One of the Gamma 2s is missing its distinctive skittle-shaped bowl, and has probably been in this condition for years. The other appears to be intact.

While the lantern's base casting has reverted to its natural aluminium finish, the acrylic top cap has retained its original light blue finish.

Dirt has formed in the marks along the seam that joins both bowl pieces together, but plastic is free from any further damage.

The slightly bulbous appearance of the bowl is more evident when standing directly below the lantern.

The column's inspection door was open, revealing the twin ballasts positioned together on the QG2 0/4240.T gear tray (these were supplied pre-wired by Thorn for use with the Gamma 2) - one ballast would run two lamps.

Whilst seeing the other lantern minus its bowl is a shame, it does allow the internal construction of the Gamma 2 to be appreciated. One of the four lamps is missing here.

A metal-cased starter switch is located between two of the top lampholders in this view.

The left-hand remaining lamp, with a noticeably yellow tinge to its phosphor coating, still carries a very faint OSRAM frank, along with mention that it is a lamp with a 'White' colour temperature.

The right-hand lamp exhibits considerable blackening at its ends, and is likely to be dead.

The lampholder with the missing lamp appears damaged, with part of its sprung body hanging out. The second starter, and the remaining third lamp, are visible here.

Again, two CI/2240 ballasts are positioned back-to-back within the gear tray, while an AME C2234 capacitor is partially visible beneath the three connector blocks.

Numerous Alpha 3s light the adjacent car park - most are fitted to single-arm columns.

The in-line column positioning allowed a rather arty shot to be produced - just a shame that the harmony was spoilt by one Alpha 3 having lost its bowl!

Oddly, the foreground lantern is not secured to its bracket using its own grub screws; instead, several holes have been drilled and tapped in the rear casting, and the lantern affixed using a series of bolts.

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