21GA. Off High Street, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire Suspended from the ceiling of the Abbey Shopping Arcade, located between the High Street and the Market Hall, are two Phosware (CU Phosco) P103 lanterns - the suspended version of the P107 post-top. One of the lanterns is intact; however, the bowl is missing from the other example. The operational status of the two lanterns is unknown, but as fluorescent battens are installed at a lower height, and anti-bird netting is strung along the concourse, in all likelihood, the lanterns could be abandoned.

The intact lantern is situated in the portion of the arcade that is closer to the Market Hall.

I suspect that these must be rather early P103 examples, as the bowls are shorter and are made of translucent Perspex, making the lanterns more reminiscent of the GEC Z567# post-top series.

The heavy cobweb accumulation on the netting suggests that it has been in place for many years.

Access to the lantern is gained by removing the thumbscrew on the underside. With this out of the way, the dish that attaches to the underside of the bowl drops out.

The other lantern is installed at the same position on the High Street side of the arcade.

As the bottom dish is in place, and only the bowl is missing, I wonder if a past maintenance worker may have undone the bottom section without realising that the bowl was then free to answer the call of gravity, causing it to fall, and smash on the hard floor below, in something similar to an especially famous scene in Only Fools and Horses!

A glass prismatic refractor ring surrounds an unknown elliptical lamp.

Zooming in, and adjusting the camera's focus to concentrate beyond the netting reveals an asbestos-sheathed conductor terminating into a porcelain MEM (Midlands Electrical Manufacturing) fuse carrier. As having fusing upstream of control gear components is unusual in a discharge lighting circuit, I suspect that the lamp could be a self-ballasting mercury vapour (MBFT) lamp.

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