Thorn Beta 79

Lantern acquired in June 2004.

This lantern is fairly new, however the column it was on had been knocked over and it was decided that the new column would be fitted with a new lantern, meaning that this one was made redundant. The 100 W version of the Beta 79 is only used in a few places in Derby, as is the 125 W mercury version - the 70 W version is far more common but even so they are not really used for street lighting - instead, they are used on footpaths and in car parks.

The deep bowl version of the Beta 79 has quite an interesting refractor/diffuser below the lamp, but the shallow bowl does not have this patterning and is completely clear.

As the lantern is 100 W, the lampholder is at the front of the lantern instead of in the middle like for the 70 W version.

The lantern's gear is mounted on the back panel. At some point, the ignitor has been replaced with a Philips one, but other than that, it is all original.

The similarities to the Alpha 8 are shown here.

The tops of the bolts used to hold the plate that secures the bracket can be seen on the canopy.

The lantern was mounted to an AC Ford AC872 wall bracket on Friday, 12th August 2005. It was then wired up and switched on.

Light was able to escape through some parts of the canopy as the reflective material is only positioned directly above, and to the sides of the lamp.

The unusual refractor prisms on the bowl distorted the light output so much that the lamp could hardly be seen through them.

Lantern warm-up video:

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