Thorn Gamma Basique

Lantern acquired in October 2005.

The Gamma family are now identified by names, rather than numbers as they were in the past. These names are the Gamma Basique, Classic, Deco and Modern, and each of these represent a different style, with the Basique simply being the 'basic' one. The design for it was clearly based on the Gamma 6, which of course was one of Thorn's most popular lanterns. This example looks to be the 'vandal proof' version as it is very sturdy when assembled. The Basique is not particularly common in the Derby area; though it is used for replacements of other post-tops when required.

If you hold your mouse cursor over either of the first two photographs, the photograph will change for the equivalent one showing the 70 W SON Gamma 6 - in this way, both lanterns can be compared.

The main differences between this and the Gamma 6 are the different shaped base castings, and the introduction of unpainted surfaces. The Basique is also slightly shorter - this causes a problem if 35 W SOX is to be used, and so a taller canopy must be fitted, as seen with the other Basique example in my collection. The bowl fitted to the Basique is dimensionally identical to that of the Gamma 6, allowing old lanterns to be fitted with new bowls, should the need arise.

The inside of the Basique isn't greatly different from the 6 - the gear is mounted on a tray, but that is about it.

The canopy is removed by unscrewing two bungs that are either side of the NEMA socket - just like with the Vandalite Skye.

Access to the ignitor, capacitor and terminations is gained by lifting the panel to the right of the ballast.

The Gamma Basique was powered up on Friday, 14th October 2005.

As with the Gamma 6, the camera decided to take a very dim picture of the lantern at full power!

With the flash switched on, the true colour of the SON lamp was replicated to a better standard!

Lantern warm-up video:

Thorn Triumph 2 | Thorn Riviera 1




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