Truesigns T8D

Although this is a Truesigns design, it still bears a similar resemblance to some Road Signs Franco designs, as the end caps must be removed before allowing the gear tray to be removed. This signlight is unusual in as much as a minicell has been fitted at some point, which suggests that someone wanted it to have night-only operation, whereas most signlights in Derbyshire are left running permanently. Thanks to Eric Woodhouse for identifying this signlight.

The signlight (and accompanying bracket) have clearly seen better days. Both will require repainting (at least).

The reflector is dirty, but should clean up well. The plastic cover is completely clear, however I have noticed that some signlights of the same design have yellow stripes beneath the tubes. The lack of these stripes is probably due to the signlight only being on during the night, due to the minicell.

These two side views show the end caps. Either of these can be removed, and then the cover can be slid out to change the tubes - obviously saving time as the entire gear tray doesn't need to be slid out.

Removing this end cap shows just how tightly the gear tray is packed in.

The end caps have foam on the inside and do a good job of preventing ingress, as the picture below shows:

The wiring for the gear tray is still in good condition. In fact, it will not require any work at all. Although it is meant to be slid out of the canopy, this is no longer possible as the minicell is in the way. Therefore, the tray has to be pushed out through the front. The signlight was tested on the 11th May 1988, according to the sticker, so this gives a good idea as to when it would have been installed on a road.

A look back into the signlight shows how the minicell is positioned. Notice that it has been wired out - this was probably a recent modification. The tape holding the earth wire in place has long since lost its stickiness, so I might have to shell out and apply a new piece!

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