Bergo Floodlight

Quite an unusual one here, as there are very few signs in the Derby area that use mercury signlights - most are on major roads such as the A38, which is owned by the Highways Agency. This signlight is another that has never been used, but it's been in the stores for quite some time - according to the test sticker, it was tested in 1992! Thanks to Rob Howes for identifying this signlight.

When I first received the signlight, it was covered in dust. The slightly yellow tint to the reflector is due to a protective film that covers it before use.

The cover is one part, and so opening it reveals the lamp gear.

Here's the date sticker...and I've just noticed something. This text was typed on the 29th September 2004 and this signlight was tested 12 years ago today! Just a coincidence or maybe there's something more to this? It's just that this is also the date that this site went online, back in 2002...

The cover cleaned up well, however I discovered that the white edging is just tape and so it scratched very easily. The covering over the reflector took a long time to completely remove as it had been stuck down for so long that it only tore off in small pieces. I found that immersing the reflector in warm water helped to remove the plastic in larger pieces.

And with the reflector removed, a code of some description in the casting was discovered...

If you can't see the code in the above picture, it is "RT 76/15/1".

The signlight luckily came on without a problem and both lamps ran up to their full brightness within a few minutes. Despite only being 50 W each, the signlight gave out a good amount of light.

I tried the clear 50 W lamp in the signlight on Sunday, 21st November 2004.

The final colours of both the coated and the clear lamps are interesting:

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