115q. Markham Vale Business Park, Duckmanton Installed in the extensive parking areas for one of the companies on the Business Park are a number of Thorn QC10 10 m aluminium columns, both single and double-armed, which support Philips MA 30 lanterns. Given that Thorn usually supplied their own lanterns with their columns, the use of the Philips lanterns instead is surprising, but makes for a pleasant change. Having not seen these lanterns after nightfall, I am unsure as to the type of lamps that are fitted, although they appear to be SON.

Two of the double-arm columns can be seen below.


The lantern on the left is one of the few that is fitted with a NEMA photocell; in this case, the photocell looks to be a 1980s' Royce Thompson P5, which is likely to be original to when the lights were installed.


Another lantern facing the same direction as the above example is was clearly fitted with a NEMA socket, although this must have been disconnected within the lantern. What is possibly a miniature photocell is instead installed towards the rear of the lantern. An elliptical lamp can be glimpsed from within the bowl area.


Close-up of the second double-arm column; again, a NEMA socket is present on both lantern canopies, although only the left-hand example can be seen here.


A single-arm example can be seen at the main entrance to the compound.


A very blackened tubular lamp can just be seen inside the lantern.


More of the installations could be seen inside the site from this convenient break in the tall perimeter conifer hedge.


The left-hand double-arm example seen above is seen again in close-up below. Notice that the rear lantern is missing its bowl; the lamp was also missing from this lantern.


An elliptical lamp was fitted in this lantern.


The right-hand double-arm featured a lantern with an especially clean bowl.


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