12JA. Off Saint Alphonsus Road, Clapham, London Borough of Lambeth. Thanks to Alex Monk for informing me of this Survivor. Situated in front of the Gifford House flats is a derelict Concrete Utilities 'Avenue 2D' 15 ft (5 m) concrete column supporting the remains of an ELECO HW-747 (or similar HW-932) top-entry lantern, on a swan neck bracket. Surprisingly, despite the installation's condition, it carries a maintenance number, suggesting that it is on the local Street Lighting department's inventory, even if it has remained in this state since (at least) June 2008. Another two installations of the same design existed outside the Saxon House flats opposite - the lantern on one column appeared to remain in relatively intact condition until around March 2019, but by September 2020, it had been removed, leaving only the column and bracket. The third installation was around the other side of Saxon House, and, as with the Gifford House example, had not had an intact lantern for many years.

Only the Gifford Road example is pictured below.

The bowl is smashed, with only a small remnant remaining extant at the rear of the lantern. The lamp is missing too.

This view, looking up at the forlorn lantern, shows that there are no screw holes for gear components, as there are with the HW-747. Therefore, it is likely to be an HW-932 (also known as the Goldenray Mk X) after all, as this lantern was never available with the lamp control gear situated within the lantern. Assuming that the lantern was never rewired, the use of PVC twin-and-earth cable to connect the lantern to the control gear suggests that the installation dates to the 1960s - any earlier, and rubber insulated cable would have been used.

The column's inspection door was missing, and the gear components appeared to have been removed. The case for a Sangamo time switch was still present further down the backboard, however.

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