Thorn Alpha 4 (135 W version)

Lantern acquired in November 2004.

This is the slightly larger version of the lantern I already own and comes complete with gear. However, this lantern has definitely been used but after removal was left in the lamp crushing room at the Derby lighting depot and so it is in desperate need of a clean. The lantern is quite old - a date on the capacitor shows that it was made in 1980.

Both Alpha 4s are shown in the pictures, in order that a size comparison can be ascertained.

Looking down on both Alpha 4s, it is clear that they both use the same canopies, but the shoe on the 135 W version is about twice as long as the one on the 90 W version. As the 90 W version hasn't been used, it is much shinier than the 135 W version, which has faded over time. A final point on the 135 W version is that it doesn't have a NEMA socket, although the space for one can just be seen on the shoe.

Looking at the other side of the lanterns now, and the first very obvious thing to see is the apparent difference between bowl colours - there isn't one really; it is just that the 135 W's bowl needs cleaning. The gear cover on this lantern has been dented at some point but luckily it still closes properly.

Opening the bowl of the 135 W version shows just how dirty the lantern is compared to the 90 W one.

The gear in this lantern is very similar to the Alpha 6s though it is not in as good a condition. What is odd is that the cable clamp, earthing and gear cover screws are all missing.

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