186. Dunkirk Way, Backford, Chester. Approaching the Backford Cross roundabout are two 10 m Stainton sheet steel columns supporting so-called 'Turtle' lanterns - a Davis GR 304 and a GEC Z8526. The other columns in the vicinity are of the same type and may have supported Turtle lanterns in the past, but if they did, all others have been replaced, leaving these two installations as the only types to retain their (potentially, original) lanterns.

The column supporting the GR 304 is featured firstly.


The circular diffusion spot applied to the centre of the bowl would have been white when new; this has faded over time.


The lantern appeared to be running a SON-T lamp when pictured - this will produce a rather glary beam in such a lantern!


The lowest portion of the bowl has become an impromptu final resting place for a swarm of wasps.


The column supporting the Z8526 is one position closer to the roundabout.


The diffusion spot applied to this lantern's bowl has also faded, though at least, an elliptical lamp is fitted here.


Owing to these being the only two Turtle lanterns left on this stretch of road, I am unsure as to which is older.


Whilst the other side of the Z8526's canopy is still in relatively clean condition, the other side is much worse for moss and lichen growth.


A feature of some roundabouts in the Cheshire area is the inclusion of a refuge beacon (or post-top lantern) mounted to a 5 m column at the start of each splitter. On the Chester Road splitter, a wide-canopied Thorn Gamma 6 lantern was spotted.


The Gamma 6 may run a mercury vapour lamp, given that the bowl is considerably yellowed.


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