191b. Herons Way, Chester Business Park Installed on the splitter islands on this roundabout within the Business Park are six Triplex Traffic HE65 steel-framed, internally-illuminated traffic bollards dating from 1988; the year that the Business Park opened. By 2019, such bollards were a rarity throughout the UK, with illuminated bollards (generally) disappearing in favour of non-illuminated reflective bollards instead. Unlike the more modern base-lit bollard type, the HE65s incorporate a vertical lighting spine, with the light output passing through the translucent fibreglass panels; thus, highlighting the bollard, and the hazard that it is marking, at night.

This example should be displaying a 'Keep Left' aspect from its front panel; however, it appears to be showing no aspect - the diagram may have faded over time. Otherwise, the bollard is in very good condition, with no visible signs of rusting at all.

The other bollard on this splitter is also displaying a plain aspect, which is correct for the location. Opening the rear access door of this bollard reveals that the capacitor on the lighting spine was manufactured in November 1988, although the starter switches have hand-written dates of 2015 on them - an indicator as to when the bollards last saw any maintenance. The two 8 Watt lamps are now life-expired, and require replacing.


The Keep Left aspect survived at the next splitter, although the amber panels have faded on this bollard. It is in (overall) poorer condition, with rust patches beginning to form and the fibreglass panels having a more weathered appearance to them.

A miniature photocell is installed above the door on this particular bollard, although nothing happened when it was covered, suggesting that it may be defective, and/or that the lamps have failed in this example too.


The equivalent plain bollard was in much better condition, however.


A look back at the two bollards on this splitter.


The Keep Left at the junction with Sandpiper Way was in about the best condition of the three of this type. The fading to the aspect was still noticeable, however.


This bollard had been drilled to accommodate a minicell too; however, this was missing, leaving a 20 mm hole in the structure.


The accompanying plain bollard showed signs of fading, but again, the steelwork was in good condition.


A little further along Herons Way stands this solitary Keep Left example. Not only does this have rather faded panels too, but the aspect appears to have rotated clockwise by a small amount.


Rusting can be seen on the side of the bollard, but curiously, the front is less affected.


The rear door locks have failed on this example, requiring the use of a Tespa band to secure the door to the rest of the bollard.


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