19A. Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, off Quinton Road, Raynesway, Alvaston Located within the compound for the Driving Test Centre are two Abacus base-hinged 25 ft (8 m) columns, both supporting a GEC Z8420 lantern. A newer 8 m column supports a later Z8520 (or Z8524, as the design became) - all three of the lanterns feature flat glass covers, although I cannot think of any reasons that cut-off lighting would be required here, and so it was probably down to preference that these lanterns were used, with the Z8520 being the result of the original version no longer being available by then.

One of the columns is pictured on the far side of the yard from the access on Quinton Road.

This version of the Z8420 (and Z8426, where a bowl is employed) features the characteristic fixed over-shoe, which was fixed in place, and allowed the canopy to hinge down forwards for maintenance.

The second base-hinged column is located opposite this one; however, as the centre was closed when I visited, and the column obscured by trees when viewed from the road, I was unable to picture it myself. Luckily, Google Street View had pictured the area in March 2019, and so the following images are screenshots taken from that. I can't help wondering how this column would be lowered these days, owing to the tree being in the way - of course, when the column was installed, the tree would have been considerably smaller, and this wouldn't have been a problem.

The image indicates than an elliptical lamp of some repute was fitted at the time.

The newer column is situated on the same verge area that is also home to the first column.

This lantern may also be running an elliptical lamp.

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