61. Parkside Avenue, Stafford Situated on the western side of this estate loop road are a small number of Stanton 10 concrete columns with aluminium outreach brackets supporting GEC Z9484 lanterns. Many more examples of this column and bracket combination exist on the estate, but with different lanterns fitted. Formerly, the combination was common throughout Stafford, but with PFI replacements having sounded the death knell for a large number of these, numbers are far fewer these days. Indeed, I assumed that all had been replaced already, without any having pictured for posterity, so I was pleasantly surprised to spot these whilst driving past the estate in June 2020.

This column, the first from the A513 Beaconside, was what made me find the first available side road, turn around and head back for a second look - I am glad that I did!

This type of bracket is uncommon for a concrete column - I am uncertain as to whether it was an official Stanton product or not.

These lanterns are equipped with Perspex bowls that have discoloured slightly over time. These must be relatively 'early' Z9484s, as the bowls would have featured refractor panels that were attached to the surface with adhesive; sadly, the refractors have been lost, owing to the adhesive drying out and causing them to fall out of position. The position of where the refractor would have been situated on this side of the bowl is obvious, however. Later bowls saw the refractors moulded into the plastic instead. The original bowl hinge and clip are also defective on this example, with insulation tape having been wrapped around both ends as a means of securing the elderly bowl.

The column base is also different to the regular Stanton 10 - the more pronounced inward taper above the base section is missing with this version; the column tapering gradually towards its top.

Some of the side roads retain their Z9484s too - this example is on Aldershaw Close.

The canopy appears to have been painted white (it wouldn't be GRP, as such a version was never produced). Notice that its grub screws no longer secure it to the bracket, meaning that insulation tape (once again) has been called upon to effect a life-prolonging initiative! This example features the revised bowl type. Although designed for 35 - 55 Watt SOX (and 60 Watt SLI/H) lamps, Staffordshire tend to use SOX-E lamps in their lanterns, and so the lamp seen within the lantern is likely to be of that variety, and be rated at 26 Watts.

Back on Parkside Avenue, another installation is pictured.

Being on a slightly busier road, these lanterns run 36 Watt SOX-E lamps.

The Z9484 is known colloquially as the "GEC Boat" amongst collectors; this view may explain why...

This is the last installation to retain its Z9484 on Parkside Avenue, though the column and bracket style continues with replacement lanterns fitted.

This is something of a copy of the first installation pictured - the refractor panels are missing, and the bowl is taped in place.

The underside of the bowl is rather grubby too.

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