7G. AF Reprographics, Nottingham Road, Spondon. Located in the car park area for this firm are several Stanton 8F 25 ft concrete columns supporting Atlas Alpha 3 250 W MBF lanterns. Although the fact that the lanterns carry Atlas branding (instead of the later Thorn versions) makes them rare anyway, the fact that they are also the original type with an entire canopy and bowl that hinges forward for maintenance adds a whole additional dimension to the 'rarity' factor.

The concrete columns are showing their age, with all having noticeable spalling present at the column/bracket joint.


The nearest lantern has a pool of murky water trapped in the bowl, although a lamp can still be seen in the optic.


This view highlights the precarious state of the bracket joint.


Notice the retaining catch; the rear shoe is shaped in order to make the catch fit flush with the side of it.


The bowl on the background lantern is altogether more discoloured. This too features signs of water ingress.


Three examples of this lantern can be seen in this view.


The lantern adjacent the access gate appears to be in about the best condition out of all of the lanterns - the bowl is still relatively free of the ingress issues that have befallen the examples seen above.


This zoomed-in view of the closest facing installation reveals that the left-hand (as viewed here) retaining clip is insecure - oh, to be able to shin up the column and re-secure it!


Another view of the car park, and in the background, one of Spondon's famous wind turbines.


The installation to the left of the turbine is seen again in close-up below.


At the time of writing (July 2015), the turbine (and a second one that is out of shot) is still inactive; the blade rotation causing issues for the radar at East Midlands Airport, believe it or not.


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