7H. Off the B5010, Elvaston. Situated on a private lane leading to a fishing club are a number of abandoned Stanton 8F concrete columns, all (but one) supporting the rear castings of Thorn Alpha 1 90 Watt SOX lanterns; the distinctive acrylic 'Opticell' units and any lamps having been lost through vandalism over time - in fact, back in 2002, when I was after an Alpha 1 to start my Collection, I was upset at the damage, as these represented numerous lost chances, to my mind! Rather ironically, these pictures were taken on the 26th March 2022, exactly twenty years since the Alpha 1 that would go on to become my first lantern was removed.

The first column seen is leaning backwards, presumably, owing to subsidence in the surrounding ground.

The remnants of the Opticell, along with metal plate around the lamp's bayonet cap, remain attached to the casting.

The second column was also leaning.

Very little remains of this Opticell either.

This column was positioned a little too close for comfort to some adjacent High Voltage overhead conductors - at least, concrete is a good insulator...when dry!

Whatever broke the Opticells did it with such force that the metal plug that seals the lamp area was also broken on this example.

A very distressing sight for discerning Alpha 1 fans!

Looking back at three of the columns from a bridge over the River Derwent.

While the joins between the columns and brackets were spalled heavily on many of the examples, the bracket on this one looked especially precarious.

At least, the reduction in concrete to the bracket will reduce the overall weight slightly!

The bracket had fallen away from this column completely.

It was to be found on the bank a short distance away, apparently, not terribly damaged, despite its ordeal.

Very little remained of the (already wrecked) Opticell within the casting, which had accumulated a small amount of soil from its extended rest on the ground.

The column door was missing, and the rusted Thorn leak transformer was hanging out of the aperture by its wires.

A steel BILL cut-out remained in the base, but there was no sign that a capacitor had ever been installed - a shame, as this may have carried a date code, which would have allowed me to establish the approximate age of these installations.

A Revo C13723/S ("Dalek") lantern was attached to an 8F column on the other side of the bridge.

Naturally, this had been smashed to smithereens too.

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