89. Burton Road / Main Street, Rosliston Throughout this peaceful South Derbyshire village are several vintage lanterns - a GEC Z8896, a Revo C144108T 'Bell Top' and an ELECO HW-895 post-top. The lanterns are unusual as they were installed as replacements for lanterns much newer than them in 2005/6 - they are fitted with modern elliptical ceramic metal halide lamps to improve colour rendering along the road.

The Z8896 is the first lantern in the village when approached from the Burton Upon Trent direction.


When originally installed, the lantern was switched by a Royce Thompson P42 two-part photocell; the detector being located on the lantern's canopy.


The circuit was later rewired, in order to accommodate a NEMA socket that was also attached to the wooden electricity support pole. A new AC Ford PVC enclosure housing the fused cut-out was installed around the same time. The enclosure housing the lantern's control gear is also an AC Ford product, albeit being aluminium.


Close-up of the Royce Thompson NEMA socket; a Zodion SS9-DLS part-night photocell is fitted.


Prior to the PVC box being fitted, the circuit was protected by a re-wirable fuse housed within a porcelain carrier. The cast iron Revo fuse box had lost its front cover; however, this would pose no major threat to members of the public, as it was situated above a position that even the tallest human would reach from the ground. This box was retained when the new enclosure was fitted; it being moved slightly to the side of its original position.

This front view was taken prior to the fitting of the NEMA photocell.

The lantern sports a polycarbonate refractor bowl; however, this remains largely un-discoloured; the reduced UV emitted by the metal halide lamp (in comparison to a mercury vapour lamp, which the lantern was originally designed to run) perhaps contributing to this reduced degradation.

By 2022, a Phosco P852 had replaced the Z8896.


The Bell Top is controlled by a one-part Royce Thompson cell; mounted a little way above the bracket.


The Revo bracket and attached AC Ford control box were sand blasted and then painted green before being refitted.


The ELECO HW-895 is fitted to a sleeved Stanton column - the sleeve itself was fitted at the same time as the lantern. When I visited, the lantern was dayburning.

This column was later replaced, owing to it being of the ill-fated Stanton 1805 type. However, this is not the end of the story for the lantern...

This was later fitted to a newer tubular steel column further along the road that previously supported a Thorn Gamma 6.


The ELECO logo is clearly visible on the 'front' of the lantern.

Unfortunately, this lantern was also gone by 2022.

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